Our purposes and the reasons we exist and behave as we do

The Planet we are living in, OUR house, is struggling… The economic and societal models we have been building and living in the past two centuries have largely demonstrated to be, in the longer run, not sustainable anymore if we want to hand-over a livable house to the generations to come, which is our undebatable duty.

The capability of understanding of and adapting to such depth and speed are already making the difference between, lead, survive or perish

Logistic Chain does not make exception to such since, from its beginning, it has been developing as an uncoordinated ensemble of “autonomous silos”, still to date dialogue between and interfacing of the various stakeholders, assets and systems is complex, costly and risky. The autonomous silos operating today have been ideated and designed at high costs, and as closed, stand-alone systems.

To achieve this, we follow the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular concentrating on the 3P: People, Planet and Prosperity.



Jobs are rapidly being transformed by technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution. There is an urgent need for people to be trained and re-trained, undertaking a constant training path to increase skills through continuous learning programs. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2030, we need to reskill more than 1 billion people!



According to International Transport Forum, ITF, Freight transport accounts for about 39% of transport CO2 emissions and around 8% of CO2 emissions worldwide.



Companies need to have a wider view and consider the impact of their business to the world; they will no longer have to focus only on the “profit at any cost”, which has proven being unsustainable in the long term. According to most recent statistics, cost of moving containerized freight worldwide raised of about 600-1.000% from March 2020 to October 2021 (source: Statista), driving inflation up to 2-5% (source: Economist) and raw material costs of over 300% (source: Marketwatch).

See HOW we’re going to achieve these goals