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Besides having lighted up a spot beam on the entire Logistic, the current pandemic has clearly demonstrated to a much wider audience that companies need to react to, cope with and, ideally, drive the change themselves, at a lightning speed for their own survival.
At ReLOG3P, we understand the difficulties faced especially by SME when they need speed to transform and adapt with the think out of the box solutions. Therefore, we are also able and aiming to offer personalized services according to your specific needs and not limited to the following:
  • Brokering, lobbying, networking, advisory, counselling, getting businesses and stakeholders together, regional to global level.
  • Business operational and technical process mapping, streamlining opportunities identification.
  • Promotion of and participation to research, development and implementation of projects that aims to improve the multimodality of the Logistic Ecosystem.
  • Technical and project management support during business development, design, implementation, commissioning, testing and delivery.

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