Can business give itself goals? Are these simply to be found in the pure revenues? Is there not something more fascinating beyond the apparent rhythm, a destination, a vocation even in the life of a business? Business, while acting as an economic means and accepting the economy rules, must turn its goals and its greatest concerns to elevate the material, cultural and social aspects of the community where it is called to operate. A Business must therefore believe in spiritual values, in the values of science, believe in the values of art, believe in the values of culture, believe, finally, that the ideals of justice cannot be estranged from the still uneliminated disputes between capital and labor. The Business must believe, above all, in the people, in his divine flame, in his possibility of elevation and redemption.
Adriano Olivetti

ReLOG3P, which stands for “Reshaping LOGistics aiming for 3P: People, Planet, Prosperity”, builds upon the “ashes” and the experiences collected by Stefano’s previous consulting firm, namely SINC, active from 2006 till 2014. SINC offered a wide range of consulting services for Port and Industrial sectors by the participation in a wide range of international projects in Europe, Americas, North and East Africa, Middle East, China and South East Asia.

SINC was already active, almost a decade ago, in providing its support and services for Ports and Terminals aiming to set up Green Ports Initiatives, cutting down operational costs by increased efficiency and sustainability. As for the “traditional-innovator” that once was Mr. Adriano Olivetti, ReLOG3P firmly believe that businesses must exist above all to create and spread, among the overall community, an ever-greater quality of life, a quality that embrace scientific, ethical, aesthetic and economic values (sustainable values).

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