Reshaping LOGistics aiming for 3P ReLOG3P People, Planet, Prosperity

Many Firms operates in the Logistics. Why should you choose ReLOG3P?

Because ReLOG3P strongly believes in and works for the achievement of the increased Sustainability of the Logistics Ecosystem, not to remain obsolete and incapable to survive, by translating the Sustainable Development Goals into real actions by means of the use of four fundamental pillars

Responsible Innovation

ReLOG3P works for a rapid and wide deployment of innovation means such as Data Science, AI, IoT and Edge Computing, Blockchain, Digital Twin, bio and nanotechnologies, quantum computing, to be interpreted and implemented according to the principles of the “Responsible Research and Innovation”

Optimized Multimodality

ReLOG3P promotes the real development and adoption of a full consolidation of the different logistics modes in a unique logistic network (Optimized Multimodality), in line with approaches such as the one proposed by “The Physical Internet” initiative

Collaboration and Cultural Change

ReLOG3P consider the Logistic Ecosystem in its entirety, aiming to improve the end-to-end chain as a whole and enhancing the cross collaboration, cooperation and knowledge sharing at local, regional, national and international level, to shake off the “we have always done in this way”

Universal Values

ReLOG3P strongly trust and work to build over the Universal Values such as Integrity and Respect, “Obligations VS Rights” approach

Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals