Work with us

Join us on our mission of Reshaping the Logistics for it to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals!

ReLOG3P is a young reality and believe passionately in the power of collaboration.
Furthermore, ReLOG3P believes that diversity multiplies the results of the collaboration itself, throughout a wider approach and polyhedric to each situation, problem, opportunity, and this multiplication is even stronger when our team is both diverse and multidisciplinary / multicultural.

Inspired once again by Mr. Olivetti, we aim to build a team 1/3rd with (technological) innovators (including Architects, Urbanists), 1/3rd with Administrative and 1/3rd with Humanists (including Sociologist, Psychologists, Philosophers, Anthropologists)

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, “If you want to go fast AND far: join ReLOG3P!”

Our Core Beliefs

Our team and vision are at the heart of everything we do. Here is what our Collaborators has to always keep in mind:

For our Planet
For the People
For the Prosperity of Businesses
For Ourselves

To contribute and make a difference in achieving the “Environmental” benefits of the Sustainable Development Goals for the Logistics Ecosystem, by reducing emissions, increasing the natural resources utilization, reducing the anthropic impact on the planet and by increasing the use of circular economy principles.

To contribute to the “Societal” aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals such as: safety and security enhancement, healthy working environment, inclusion and diversity as values for private and professional growth, wellbeing, reskilling, upskilling and lifelong learning.

To contribute to the Logistics Ecosystem “Prosperous and Healthy Financial” aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals such as efficiency and effectiveness, profits quality, business agility, responsiveness and resilience, “Lead VS Follow” approach.

We want to design our own lives by leading and fulfilling impactful lives. We want to spend our time working on things we enjoy, with people we enjoy. We want to spend way more time with our family and friends and we want to stop doing things we don’t believe are useful.