Immagine di Stefano Negrini

Stefano Negrini

Founder & Principal of ReLOG3P, Stefano is a wide, strategic, visionary and bold mindset professional, with 30 years of experience in within the industrial fields, of which over 25 in the Port and Logistic sector.

He has collected a solid track record and strong talent in engineering, technology, business processes and operation, improving efficiency, quality and cost control through the spearheading and deployment of Lean Management and “Ethic & Responsible Research & Innovation” culture and practices, as well as risk-based, data driven decision making.

He has direct and wide international experience, from ground up, directing major infrastructures projects from ideation to design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation and servicing.

From 2012 onwards he has been increasing his focus on digitization and data science, with particular attention to the application and opportunities that may unlock potentials and allow Ports and, in general, the Supply Chain to provide its contribution in the achieving of the UN Sustainable Development Goals throughout leaner processes, Data Science means, machine learning and blockchain.

He is a strong believer in integrity, people, safety, sustainability, business agility, values-based innovation.