Samer Kharboush

Samer, the Data guy, with certifications from Google, IBM, Cisco, and AWS, he’s a seasoned Data Scientist with a flair for statistical analysis and deep learning. Unraveling complex datasets is his specialty, and he’ll guide you on a data-driven adventure!

As a Junior Ethics Data Scientist at ReLOG3P , Samer adeptly analyzes large datasets to identify trends and patterns, informing business decisions. He develops machine learning and deep learning models with high accuracy and innovation.

In his role, Samer leverages data analytics to optimize supply chain operations, applies NLP and AI to gain insights from unstructured data, builds predictive algorithms to mitigate supply chain risks, identifies process bottlenecks through statistical analysis, and implements data-driven solutions to reduce logistics costs. He ensures all models follow ethical AI practices and focuses on applying AI ethics principles to data science work.

Outside of work, Samer is a professional violinist who enjoys sports like football, swimming and kickboxing. He is a polyglot who likes learning new languages. Samer is positively honed in ReLOG3P ‘s values and beliefs.