Genova 5th October 2022 – Takeaways after our 1st day at Green Logistics Expo at Padova

Received favourable comments about ReACT:
1. What you are doing is really different from the others!
2. I have never seen nor heard about this before in logistics.
3. I am in commercial, travel around and I need to constantly update myself with new technologies, new ways of doing things and new products. But I must say, your platform is really totally new in the industry and I have never heard about it before!
4. I like the idea of the market place in your Academy and helping the logistics workforce to resell and upskill. Let us talk and see how we can collaborate.
5. I’m excited about the SDG Readiness Level and I can see the potential. Let us fix a date and discuss more about it. This time round, I will involve my sustainability department.
6. I can see the potential of Wiki-Logi. It really helps us to save time. I can retrieve any important information about logistics immediately!
7. I’m from Asia. It would be great if you can go international soon because I can see how it will contribute to the vibrant scene.

Since we are going green, we have decided not to print any brochures. The photo shows what we are doing. In fact, the responses from the first day were:

1. Ermm…no brochures? But if we just scan, I may lost your information.
2. Oh no… I’m bad at scanning
3. I absolutely love this idea because we really need to do something for sustainability.
4. For brochures, I can accept. But I will still take your name card because I still prefer hardcopy.

We are attending Green Logistics Expo, if we really want to go into the world of sustainability and going green, we really need to think and reflect how can we help in our everyday lives. You just need to adjust a little in your everyday comfort if you really put your heart and soul to do it.

That’s why at ReLOG3P, we decided to stick to our main aim for our startup by not printing brochures, that is to achieve sustainability for Global Logistics!

So what do you think of our idea in not printing brochures? We welcome your thoughts in this. Write to us: info@relog3p.com