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Genova 2 May 2023: Revolutionizing the Logistics Industry: ReLOG3P and Morpheus.Network Partner Up

In a bid to revolutionize the logistics industry, ReLOG3P and Morpheus.Network are announcing their strategic partnership. The partnership was sealed by the signing of an agreement between Morpheus.Network CEO Dan Weinberger and ReLOG3P Founder & Principal Stefano Negrini.

Morpheus.Network is a leading provider of end-to-end supply chain automation solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. ReLOG3P, on the other hand, specializes in logistics optimization technology, enabling businesses to optimize their sustainability and logistics operations and reduce costs.

ReLOG3P understands the importance of rapidly changing to face the obstacles brought about by the pandemic. To best assist clients, it provides tailored services like establishing connections between businesses and relevant stakeholders, mapping business processes, discovering possibilities to enhance the logistics system, supplying advisory assistance throughout business development, design, installation, commissioning, and testing.

By coming together, the two companies will provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure end-to-end supply chain visibility and sustainability.

This partnership will allow businesses to leverage the strengths of both companies to drive unprecedented levels of efficiency and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about our new partnership with ReLOG3P! It’s a match made in supply chain heaven, with two companies that share the same vision regarding technology and innovation.,” said Dan Weinberger, CEO of Morpheus.Network.

As a team, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our offerings and bring new value to our clients. “With ReLOG3P on board, we have an incredible opportunity to expand our reach into Europe and tap into their vast experience and expertise in logistics and transportation. Together, we can create a more streamlined, efficient, and transparent supply chain network that benefits everyone involved. We’re excited to see what the future holds and are confident that our partnership will be a game-changer for the industry.”

The partnership promises to drive innovation in the logistics industry, providing businesses with solutions that streamline transportation routes, reduce inventory costs, and improve order processing. With Morpheus.Network’s end-to-end supply chain automation platform and ReLOG3P’s ReACT middleware integration platform for logistics sustainability and optimization, businesses can achieve real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities throughout the entire supply chain, from sourcing to delivery.

“We are extremely excited about entering into this partnership with Morpheus.Network, with which indeed we felt so connected since the foundation of our ReLOG3P!” said Stefano Negrini, Founder & Principal of ReLOG3P

As Steve Jobs says: “People don’t buy your products but your WHY”. ReLOG3P and Morpheus.Network share the same WHY, the same vision and mission for making logistics and supply chains more transparent, collaborative, interconnected, boosting, in last instance, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability via innovation! In these past years of operation Morpheus.Network gained solidity, trust and reputation within the industry: ReLOG3P strongly believe in collaboration and co-operation and we are confident that our Partnership will strengthen and build further upon such solid base at global level!

The partnership between Morpheus.Network and ReLOG3P is a significant step towards revolutionizing the logistics, Supply Chain, mobility and transportation industry. By combining cutting-edge technologies and the strengths of both companies, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and drive value for their customers. This partnership promises to deliver real-world solutions that provide a competitive edge in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace. 

About ReLOG3P

ReLOG3P is a fast-growth Startup based in Italy offering innovative, new-to-market products and services that provide support for the Global freight Logistics, Supply Chains, Mobility and Transport industries (end-to-end) to contribute, among others, achieving the UN Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals as well as the EU objectives set by the Green Deal, Fit for 55% Package, Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, Digital Strategy.

ReLOG3P’s development manifesto is the Agnostic, Responsible and Ethic, Open, Trustworthy, Agile, Modular and Scalable, Values-Based use of the technologies typical of the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI, Data Science, Blockchain, quantum computing, etc.) and on the basis of the principles of Security & Privacy by Design.

About Morpheus.Network

At Morpheus.Network, we are intensely focused on helping companies and Government organizations remove barriers to digitize, optimize and automate their global supply chain operations. We help clients maximize revenue through digitization and process automation, protecting sensitive data, and untangling complex issues with the legacy supply chain system while delivering effective, equitable, and efficient global trade solutions.

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