Genova 7th October 2022 – Last day at the Green Logistics Expo at Padova

Other than the working crowd which we still gained positive response, this time round, we have an unexpected crowd. Students. They were very interested in our Wiki-Logi and Academy where they are able to learn and the matchmaking market place where we match companies with the need for hiring with talents with the right skills.

By 2027, 70% of the global logistics workforce faces the risk of obsolescence. Today, 25% of Companies cannot find the right people. No more time to be complacent for both parties thinking that learning is a waste of time and money. You may not know when you will be obselete or it will be too late when you realised your company has no talents to bring it forward. Time to reflect and act! And speed is the key.

This photo shows our logo at our booth which I observed that the majority of people spent at least 5 seconds or more to read and their eyes will then be directed to our colourful roll ups. This time round, somebody asked us what is the meaning of ReLOG3P and we spent a good 30 minutes chatting together because he was so curious and having the same mindset as us with regards to sustainability for Global Logistics.

If you just want to partner with us for Academy and the matching
marketplace, just reach out to us: info@relog3p.com