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Genova 22nd December 2022: Time for year-end final balances!

A sweet & sour year, a year of ups & downs, and a year of successes and opportunities to learn from difficulties, as… as in any year! 😊

Disclaimer: personally, I’m not a fan at all of the words FAILURES and/or UNSUCCESSES, at least not in the sense in which they are normally used in our modern society, which has a (very) negative meaning.

Rather, I am definitely in favor of using them when approached as Thomas Edison used to:

“I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work”

or as Albert Einstein used to as well

“Failure is success in progress” 

Our 2022 key facts:

What was good (great…)

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What was less good

  • Starting a company is clearly including a lot of struggles, but the number one is without doubt: BUREAUCRACY!!! Always present, from the Italian Champions to the European ones and furthermore, is really difficult to face the truth that trying making business for good is made so difficult…
  • Finding and retaining TALENTS:
  • Questioning why we should go and work and collaborate for a unknown entity is absolutely normal and understandable. Less understandable is how those that are accepting / willing to undertake such most of the times are overselling themselves rather that giving up at the first difficulty. Life requires a constant balance between rights and dues, and nobody is in right to think that things are due to you for free…
  • Furthermore: we have decided since the beginning, for several reasons, our will be a fully remote Company. Among the several and undoubtful upsides, is on us to still come out with the best Team’s collaboration stile in order to get communication and proficiency as efficient and effective as it should be, even considering the high-speed / low resources of a highly innovative Company as a Startup is
  • Everybody talks about climate change, geopolitical instability, energy crisis, agility, resilience… no more time… Yet: why the heck is still so difficult to see people, companies, governments to make words and great intentions to land into REAL ACTIONS NOW??!!?!… The most time-consuming activity in believing and running a business for contributing to a social, environmental and economical sustainability (somebody even moves already towards climate neutrality, climate positiveness and/or carbon negative, regenerative models…), is to answer the question: HOW MUCH IT COST TO ME?

Good news for the less good part is: we have already identified the root causes and know which direction we’ll work for improving ourselves on those matters!

Closing up: we’ll be really happy to receive your thoughts, comments, suggestions and… wishes with us!

Thanks to everyone who followed ReLOG3P or met us at trade events this year. Let’s ReACT together and collaborate, cooperate, co-create and advance rapidly towards Sustainable Global Logistics in 2023!

Michelle & Stefano & ReLOG3P’s Team wishes you ALL a serene and regenerating holiday season and, to ALL of us, a 2023 full of health, peace, sustainability and… Success!!!