Genova 6th October 2022 – 2nd day at the Green Logistics Expo at Padova

Less traffic but still, we are able to generate some interest. We still received positive comments about ReACT:
1. I used to work in logistics but now I’m in the world of security. My company do offer training courses, let us talk to see how we can collaborate for your Academy. (BTW, we have already received his email requesting for a meeting. 👍)
2. My company is in the world of trucks. The Processes and Multimodality services which you mentioned seems interesting. Let us talk further.

I have noticed that our 2 very colourful roll ups attracted the attention of the crowd who passed by our area. They really read and looked at the SDG goals that we are able to contribute. ReLOG3P is not shy to show the world what our platform ReACT can contribute for sustainability. These SDG goals which you are now seeing, they are our KPIs and we measure ourselves against it. No time for just words, only ACTION counts now.