Michelle Tan

Michelle Tan

Co-Founder of ReLOG3P, Michelle is an independent, confident, persuasive and motivating self-starter HR professional with past experiences, among others, in the maritime field, a creative mindset armed with a never give up attitude.

She is someone who gains satisfaction from challenges and bringing improvements not only in the workplace, but also in her daily life. With her creative and spontaneous mindset, she is always on the lookout for doing things creatively yet targeting the most efficient, effective and sustainable way, without compromising on quality.

As homemaker, she also finds herself being a mother to her 3 passions, baking with sourdough, crochet and knitting using only natural / bio products, in line with her views and credos on sustainability.

In ReLOG3P, she will be mainly working on the Human Capital and Administration portfolios, where she will challenge / disrupt the “usual way of doing” to obtain the best results.

She is a strong believer in integrity, honesty, humbleness, people and sustainability.