No time to spend hours searching for reliable information, solutions, products, standards about Sustainable, Global Logistics? Search no more!

Sustainable Global Logistics knowledge database for all.


With ReACT Wiki-Logi we are able to contribute in the measuring ours and our Customers’ results and contribution against the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Pay Off & Key Advantages

In just few clicks: find and share ideas, information, knowledge, policies and news, events and best practices, network with peers

No spam or fake news! ReACT Wiki-Logi uses artificial intelligence tools to identify and show the results based exclusively on reliable, trustworthy and renowned sources

You personalize, we deliver! Choose what you want to receive in your inbox

Contribute to SDG! ReACT Wiki-Logi analyze activities and translate into your contribution towards the achievement of the SDG

Target Users

Our solution is specifically designed for individuals already working in the industry as well as for anybody interested in Global Logistics, companies and authorities. 

We want to combine increasing knowledge, sharing of best practices, collaboration, ours, and YOUR contribution to  Sustainability easily accessible for all!

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