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ReLOG3P supports the Sustainable Development Goals

ReACT contributes to the following SDGs

Development Goals

The main features of ReACT

ReACT Wiki-Logi will be THE “All about Logistics one-stop place” for the searching, locating, sharing of ideas, information, knowledge, specialized and specifically designed just for the Logistics Ecosystem.

ReACT Academy

By means of dedicated partnerships with Public and Private Academies, Universities, Research and Excellence Centres, ReACT Academy will consolidate and group and offer online learning solutions (existing and under development), at different level, with the aim to allow the Logistics’ workforce to fight its obsolescence towards the latest innovations (technological, cultural and managerial), increasing knowledge and, thus, value for people and businesses. A specific eye is given to the upskilling, reskilling and lifelong learning platforms dedicated to such workforce.


ReACT Processes contains a number of innovation features that serve the purpose to verticalize on the analysis and improvement of the different Logistics sub-processes (transport modes, actors, etc.): Air, Sea, Rail and Road, Maritime and Intermodal Ports & Hubs, Airports, Logistic Hubs, etc.


ReACT Multimodality contains features that contributes freight movements to be more efficient through the optimum use of every available mode. Through ReACT Multimodality we aim to help increasing the performances of rail, water and combined multimodal transport in terms of the comparable price, quality, service and flexibility of road transport.
Synchromodality, that focus on optimal and flexible use of multiple modes and speeds/lead times in transport, solutions, as well as load optimisation and consolidation, sharing of assets, and better management of logistics centres, warehouses and transport infrastructure features are included in this tool, so to enhance transport predictability and flexibility.

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