Genova 12th October 2022 – Brussels – 2 exciting events!

We have just returned from our packed mission in Brussel: great opportunities of networking, learning, sharing, collaborating…
What are we bringing home, besides memories and business cards?
Mainly, a great “motivational confirmation” that we are on the right track although, while walking through our own startups’ Death Valley (https://lnkd.in/dt2nK64n), this isn’t by default not always that easy to be communicated…
Three different, great events, several aspects in common approached from different perspectives. Some of those “motivational take aways” we brought back:
1.  Is all a matter of timing, speed is key
2.  Actions, innovations, can only be “purpose driven”, delivering real benefits, accessible and at the service to All and not per se and/or per few, and EU can and have to play a key role in such inclusive, “no-one behind”, purpose driven way
3.  Nobody can do it alone: collaboration, cooperation, cocreation
4. Do not leave only big Companies driving innovations: SMEs, Startups, are the core, the heartbeat and the agile arm of EU and of such needed change
5.  Sustainability, for people, for environment, for businesses, for economies, for society, is the common denominator at the base of the current but, most of all, of the coming actions
We thank All those that has put lots of effort in arranging all the events and allowed us to be part of them, but, most of all, those that will work to “walk our talk”: ReLOG3P, as shared during our discussions, is here to provide its contribution!