Are you willing to contribute?

ReLOG3P is a young reality and believe passionately in the power of collaboration.

Furthermore, ReLOG3P believes that diversity multiplies the results of the collaboration itself, throughout a wider approach and polyhedric to each situation, problem, opportunity, and this multiplication is even stronger when our team is both diverse and multidisciplinary / multicultural.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

If you are tired of hearing the “we have always done in this way” and you want to explore what is out of the usual box, if you wake up in the morning and feel already tired thinking about your day at work, if you believe you still hold so much unexpressed energy, talent and willing to change or, simply, if you believe in the same power of collaboration and share the same Why.

ReLOG3P is eager to get in touch and partner with you in the venture for the Reshaping [of the] LOGistics aiming for 3P!

Clearly, we will welcome partnerships with any Logistics Company, firm and professional (air, sea, land, rail, anybody familiar either with long haul as well as the last mile and smart cities) that believes in our same Why, yet we would also warmly receive with open arms and love to partner with:

  • Designers (not limited to Architects, Urbanists, Ergonomists)
  • Humanists (not limited to Sociologist, Psychologists, Philosophers, Anthropologists, Hermeneutics)
  • Biologists
  • Environment professionals
  • Hr Specialist / Cultural Change Advocates / Coachers
  • Safety leaders and advocates
  • Marketing and communication experts and visionaries
  • Web and app designers
  • Technology experts (AI, Data Science, Blockchain, Digital Twin, Cybersecurity, nerds of any type and species…)
  • Anybody else that is sharing the same why and values and is willing to contribute by bringing good ideas for the purpose of the Logistic Ecosystem to make its quantum leap so to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals