ReLOG3P is looking for a Junior DevOps / Full Stack Developer (Full remote)

We are looking for an extremely BOLD & VISIONARY, HUNGRY & ENERGETIC Junior DevOps / Full Stack Developer, who is eager to and capable of making a real impact with her/his work!

This is the YOU we are looking for: Apple Steve Jobs Heres To The Crazy Ones – YouTube.

You must bring along a considerable and provable desire and passion in ideating, developing, integrating, improving and maintaining outstanding front and back-end coding and technologies, while ensuring lean, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, continuous improvement, so to support ReLOG3P in building unique, solid, creative, agile, scalable, reliable and sustainable solutions for its own and Customers’ growth and success needs.

You will be working as a vital element of an extremely ambitious and dynamic environment, in constant, close contact and collaboration with the entire Company organization and, especially, tightly connected to our Team’s Data Scientist(s) and Blockchain expert(s).

You will be measured based on the on-time, on-scope, on-budget delivery of your identified and agreed short-mid-long-term objectives that will have to guarantee, at any time, to be ethical, values-based and following the “no-harm” approach from ideation to deployment and use!

What you will be doing

  • Assist the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer to ideate, design, build, expand, maintain and improve our website(s) and our ReACT platform and its different tools and products. Under each main product, there are various sub- products from the different third parties partners, and relevant payment services.
  • Assist the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer to ensure cross platform(s) and service(s) compatibility, for them being able to embed, integrate and work together with the different partnerss technology(ies), system(s), software, application(s), training courses, etc., in a seamless way, by means of designing, developing and maintaining API, open interfacing, scalability, “Plug&Play” approaches.
  • Assist the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer to make contact and liaise with the different upstream and downstream partners’ technological teams for the integration or their products and services into ReLOG3P’s ones.
  • Assist the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer to make all the products and services working together in a seamless manner either in a vertical or horizontal manner, to ensure an outstanding Customer experience.
  • Be involved in all stages and products’ lifecycle, from ideation to design, development, testing, releasing, improving and maintaining of products and services under the lead, coaching and support of the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer.
  • Assist the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer to test (simulate, emulate), troubleshoot and maintain quality and simplicity of the codes.
  • Assist the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer to designing and implementing code that is fit for purpose, is lean and simple, scalable, easy to read and is in line with industry’s international best practices and standards, considering security, maintenance, scalability, among others.
  • Assist the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer to ease and improve, building where necessary, to make our platform to be an extremely simple, effective, user friendly, responsive, engaging with interactive UX/UI front-end, running smoothly on all operating systems (including PCs, smartphones, tablets).
  • Work closely and effectively collaborate with our Data Science Team, assisting them to allow and ease the full integration of the platform with the data science architecture and tools running in the back-end of the Platform.
  • Assist the Lead Devops / Full Stack Developer to produce and maintain technical documents.
  • Ensure that ReLOG3P’s website(s) and platform products embed robustness, security, safety, modularity, scalability, transparency, traceability and man in the loop features and approaches.

Your bags of tricks

You must prove to us that you:

  • Have hands-on coding knowledge (from ideation to designing, coding, testing, improving, deploying and maintaining solutions) as well as team leading, engaging and motivating skills.
  • You know how to work with WordPress and Drupal at minimum, and have knowledge of other programming languages which you will prove to us.
  • You possess knowledge of UX/UI design: be ready to estonish us!
  • Databases are your bread: you know how to create, handle, improve, manage them so to ensure that the systems remain agile, lean, secure and resilient to outrages and function endlessly
  • Consider your work as a Lego brick on top of which we’ll build our future (see modular, scalable, vendor-agnostic, easy interfaceable).
  • Have excellent skills and will strive to make your work lean (no-value code is a waste), fully explainable, transparent, easy to present, either within your coding (we will always have to be able to proof why algorithms have taken a certain decision) as well as by verbal and written communication skills so to be able to explain complex technical matters in an easy way to non-technical people (grandma, grandpa, kids… Customers and investors…). Solutions will have to be built fully traceable, trackable and according to the man-in the-loop
  • Needless to say, innovation run, and you continuously and proactively strive not only to stay up-to-date on new tools and features, but dream and work to “ride the wave” and be always upfront in identifying viable and fit-for-purpose solutions for your work and your Company’s strategic targets!
  • Proof of completion of academy courses and/or study paths on ethic and responsible innovation are highly preferred.
  • Knowledge and past experiences with Blockchain and DLT related are also extremely valued.


  • You can and enjoy translating ideas and strategies into a reality!
  • You are an extremely curious, passionate, famelic person, always hungry to learn new things, always pushing up the bar of your comfort zone and foolish to think & act WITHOUT the box, like Steve Jobs used to say!
  • You are creative, understand strategic and high level objectives and translate them into technicalities to create products and services that meet Company’s targets while engaging, exciting Customers!
  • Yet, as the perfect engineer, you cannot not be fit with strong detailed-oriented and analytical skills to analyze information accurately and make logical, data-driven, risk-based decisions that help in reaching targets while mitigating and / or eliminating the risks.
  • This also means you must possess strong problem-solving skills and attitude to proactively act to minimize and prevent errors and ability to develop bug-fixing applications to ensure the smooth conduction of tasks.
  • You are willing to learn or have experience with the Agile/scrum methodologies and possess the aptitude to design, plan, develop, implement, manage and continuously improve your work and projects (lean management, CD/CI mindset)
  • You must possess and prove excellent (self and team) time management, with the ability to work on multiple tasks to meet the tight deadlines typical of fast-pace Startups, while ensuring proper (quantitative and qualitative) execution of your tasks.
  • You are able and willing to take real ownership and accountability (and recognition) of your work and get your hands dirty because you own it and you love it!
  • You are naturally pro-active, able to work and to perform either independently as well as a key team player.
  • You are a strong believer in and a continuous supporter and advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals and Ethical and Responsible Innovation. You stay constantly up to date on the “Ethics, Privacy and Security by Design” regulations, directives and recommendations by EU as well as by the most renowned international Authorities, Academies and R&D Entities.
  • Last, but definitely not least: if you are NOT a strong believer in integrity, honesty, humbleness, values-based attitude… We are NOT looking for you!
  • You have collected between 2 to 3 years of experience as Full Stack Developer
  • You have experience on integrating other party’s coding via API’s and fundamental experience on API design and implementation.
  • You come with knowledge (and passion) about open source, no-code, low-code.
  • Knowledge of Piwik Pro will be considered as an added advantage.
  • You come with a strong sense of urgency, constant care and ability to learn fast.
  • Experience in working on Sustainability related will be a huge plus for your selection.
  • Your fluency in English is a must and having working knowledge of Italian will be an added advantage: they are the two official languages of our Company!
  • You come along with a strong desire to learn more about and contribute to the improvement of the Logistics, Supply Chain, Mobility and Transport domains. Furthermore, if you possess basic knowledge of it, you’ll have a great plus for us (although, no worries: reading materials and guidance will also be provided along the job!).
  • The ability to work following the Europe time zone will be strongly preferred.
  • You have experience and enjoy (seek for) working remotely, making full use of relevant team and knowing how to set up and work with project management tools.

Who is ReLOG3P?

ReLOG3P is an Innovative Startup born to boost the Sustainability (social and financial besides environmental) of the global, worldwide Logistics, Supply Chain, Mobility and Transport Ecosystem.

For the purpose of delivering upon our vision, mission and strategic targets, we have built the one and only “one-stop-shop” online platform that comes with 5 different services (tools), meant to accompanying our Customers into what we call their journey towards Sustainability.

We have just obtained our first important round of funding, which is now going to be used to boost quantity and quality of our team, our product and our visibility: this is where the Junior Devops / Full Stack Developer position comes into the picture as one of the key ones to actively support this boost and scaling up!

As Innovative Startup, we aim to: 1) innovate and disrupt (for good) and, 2) stand out of (and lead) the crowd. For that our entire Team need to be able to roll out and sustain high-speed decision and actions (on scope, on time, on budget)!

If, like us, you also see Sustainability as an unpostponable issue that we need to work on immediately and contribute with concrete actions and not just words, if you like working in a small team, fast paced, tight deadines with tons of challenges and opportunities environment, if you envision yourself in providing a vital contribution to this success…JUST APPLY!

Last, for now: we are putting our faces ahead and you will put yours too. This will require a constant and mutual trust and respect of each other and integrity. We will not compromise on those aspects, rather nourish and feed them all the time, and we look forward for you to feel and do the same.

About the position

  • Assignment: full-time (40 hours per week), Long-term
  • Starting date: immediately available
  • Location: fully remote
  • Type of contract: TBD

Interested? Just click apply and send us your resume and a cover letter (in English) and any other information you feel is important to share with us!


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